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Condensing boilers are an effective technology for reducing fuel costs, especially in newer buildings designed to accept return water temperatures below 55C. Unfortunately, Low Mass condensing boilers have been misapplied in retrofitting older buildings based on a misunderstood premise that condensing savings will occur throughtout the heating season. In some areas of North America this may apply, but in Saskatchewan our climate disproves this theory once the outside temperature drops colder than -5C, thus requiring heating loop temperatures above 55C. In most older buildings it is impossible to achieve return water temperatures below 55C, Mid-efficient "Near Condensing" High Mass boilers with efficiencies between 84-88% are more cost effective.

Installing a Modular Low Mass condensing boiler plant alone does not guarantee savings that Near Condensing can achieve. Near Condensing boilers attain the highest average efficiency possible without latent heat loss recapture.

A boiler manufacturer can claim 98% efficiency, that does not mean it may be the right fit for an older building. Low Mass boilers lack physical heating surface, which offers a economical price. Combined with a rebate program this can be beneficial to many customers in the short term. Long term however, recent installations have documented excessive maintenance costs using Low Mass boilers which overcome rebate savings.

Low Mass condensing boiler reliability has also been an issue, various Low Mass boiler installations have either had extensive repairs or total replacement within 5 years of installation. Lack of a stringent water treatment program, smaller heating surfaces causing thermal shock, are some of the major causes of these failures.

Near Condensing High Mass boilers design provide longer life, are thermal shock proof and corrosion resistant. Maintenance costs are effectively lower

Bottom line....choose the right boiler for the right application. Retro fitting older buildings using Low Mass Condensing boilers are not your only option, unless you are willing to spend additional capitol  on lower operating temperature ancillary equipment to achieve lower return water condensing conditions. 

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High Mass Condensing, Near Condensing

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Maximum - 8190 MBH



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Commercial High Mass Condensing

Boilers, Instantaneous Water Heaters.

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Maximum 4200 MBH



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Low & HIgh Pressure Steam Boiler 

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15 - 750HP 

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